Engagement Photos Teaser


If I was a basic white girl which I am I would say something along the lines of...

'I literally can't even' 

when it comes to how much I love the preview of our engagement photos. Anne only sent us a few photos as a teaser while she works on editing the rest. Honestly though, these first few are so fantastic I would be happy with only these... With that being said, Annie - please send the rest!!!!!! 

Anne's photography business has grown so much in the last year and I am so proud of my bestie. She shoots mostly film and the painting like feel of her work just makes my heart melt. I can't wait for the rest... Until then check these out



On A Scale of Rocking Leggings With Uggs

How Basic were you this weekend? Let's a take a quiz and find out.....

//Did you make your way to a pumpkin patch?

//Did you drink a pumpkin spiced latte on the way to said patch?

//Did you have a caramel apple at the pumpkin patch? 

//Did you wear a combination of fall scarf and Hunter rain boots? 

//Did you take way too long picking out the perfect pumpkin? 

//Do you plan on spray painting that pumpkin, instead of carving it?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these, you're about as basic as a white girl drinking a venti PSL while rocking a top knot. If you said yes to all - consider yourself as Basic as Babbling Brookelyn. Congrats to the winners! 

Cheers to the best season ever! 

<3 BB 


Dear Friday

Dear Friday, 

Thank you for gracing me with your presence. 7 Days was far too long. Dear Blog, sorry I suck. The end. Dear Wedding planning, you're not as fun as just pinning pretty pictures on pinterest. Dear Wedding Flowers - who the hell do you think you are? Being so expensive and ish. Not cool, bro. Not cool. 

Dear Wedding Expo I went to this past weekend, you were not good and I knew that going in. You were tacky and everything I don't want in my wedding.... BUT thanks for giving Justine and I a good laugh. Also thanks for the free cake tasting. Speaking of, dear Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake you were spot on.  Dear Girls That Modeled In the Wedding Fashion Show - slow down. You walked far too quickly, I was afraid for your ankles. How can a person see details in the dress if you're sprinting?  Not that it really mattered the wedding dresses in the fashion show ere not cute. People have horrible taste I tell you. 

Dear Anne, thank you for taking our engagement photos. I know they will be beyond what I am imagining. I heart you, I heart Cape Kiwanda, and I suppose I heart the guy I took the photos with too. Dear Place Where The Film Is Being Developed - hurry up! This is worse than waiting for Christmas. I just want to look at all the pretty pictures!!!! I don't think I am asking too much.

Speaking of Christmas, Dear Bradley - why won't you let me put twinkle lights up yet?! I asked nicely. I even gave you my puppy dog eyes and still no dice. You're such a meanie head. Is this the stuff I am going to have to put up with now that we are getting married?!  There better be a good smelling pine candle when I get home from work today like you promised to make up for this. #compromise. 

And finally... Dear Pumpkin Patch - can't wait for our date this weekend. Bout to get real #basicbitch up in here this weekend :) 

Oh and enjoy this song. I can't stop listening to it. 

Coffee by Sylvan Esso on Grooveshark


<3 BB


Trillium Lake

It's not news that I work a lot of hours these days, which usually makes for early bedtimes and not much free time for other activities - but this past weekend I had Sunday off and I made sure we made the most of it. Even with all the football on, I still convinced Brad and a few friends to head out to Trillium Lake for the day. The way I see it football will be here all winter when the weather is crappy. I want to get out and enjoy the last few days of sun and fall goodness, before the grey and rain are here to stay. 

Sunday's weather was perfect, the picnic was enjoyable, our friend's puppy was the cutest, the company was lovely, and the view couldn't be beat. We even got our Florida girl to hike a little, even though it wasn't originally on the agenda. If you're in the Portland area, make sure you venture out towards Mount Hood and check out all the hiking and lakes in the area. 


Know Before You Go: Suavie Island

Hello, Hello! 

Happy Monday, folks. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was busy, productive, and restful all at the same time if that is even possible? Friday evening was spent making boozey margarita cupcakes similar to these guys right here and falling asleep while watching the Lego Movie. Saturday was spent working at the gym and Sunday was a good mix of productivity and rest. I went to yoga. Got my hair done. Went to brunch at Olympic Provisions and had a bomb Bloody Mary. Lastly, we ventured out to Sauvie Island, where we quickly learned a few things to know for our next outing. I figured I would be a good Portlander and share with you all:  

//You have to pay for parking in order to enjoy the beach 

//You can only pay for parking with cash. 

//You should make sure you bring cash with you.

//If you happen to forget cash, you should stop at the first you-pick farmers market at the beginning of the island to see if they have an ATM before you drive 15-20mins, get all the way out to the end of the island, and realize you have no cash and can't pay for parking. 

//It might also be wise to start your trip out to Sauvie Island before 4pm, especially if you struggle like we might have with the whole no cash situation. 

Either way it was still a pleasant evening even if we didn't ever make it to the beach. I still got to enjoy the farmers market with Bradley. We shared a peach iced tea, which I always forget how refreshing peach iced tea is. We listened to country music with the windows rolled down, because it is mandatory when you're among fields of corn that you listen to country music.  And I took a few pictures too. Now if only I would take the time to put them on my computer.


<3 BB

Ps. How good does Bradley's Stache look in the above photo? #CreepsvilleUSA


things that are my jam

//The fact that there was rain this morning. Which makes me the most typical Oregonian ever. I am not ready for dreaded winter grey and rain, but I have to admit the free car wash and the smell of rain on the pavement was quite enjoyable. Also, Oregonians are weird. One second we complain about rain, the next we are complaining that it is too hot and we want the rain back. You can't have it both ways., people!! 

//This song:

Well, actually, if we're being honest, anything by James Bay is my jam right now. Maybe it's because he has the voice of a 65 year old smoker with that seductive growl when he sings. Maybe it's his 13 year old looking face...or maybe it's the fact that he has better hair than I do? Maybe it's because he looks like he could be the 4th brother of Hanson? Whatever the case, James Bay, you're killing it.

//These little to-go pouches of applesauce. Costco had organic ones in bulk and they are perfect for when I am rushing from one job to the next. 

//This dress from Madewell. I want it for myself. I kind of want it for my bridesmaids. I kind of want it in every color. Then again I want everything from Madewell in every color. But mostly, I kind of want it to not cost 148 dollars though. 

//I am getting my hair done this weekend. It makes me happy every time I have an appointment to look forward to. Thinking about maybe going a little more blonde? We'll see. Also why can't my hair look like Kate Mara's every day?! It probably has something to do with the fact that I hardly brush it - let alone take the time to style it. In fact, right now it is at the perfect length where the ends hit the top of my shoulders and curl out, but everything else is straight. Just like in middle school where I would take the time to actually use a curling iron to create the same look. What was 7th grade Brooke thinking?! This is the same middle school child that also wore pukka shell necklaces because I thought they were cute. The horror. 

Ok, that is all, I have an applesauce to-go calling my name. 


<3 BB 


Tuesdays, ugh.

So you know how everyone says that Monday blows and is the worst day of the week? Those people have obviously never met Tuesday. Tuesdays are the worst. Want to hear how my Tuesday has gone so far and it's not even 8:00 am.... 

//Alarm goes off at 4:30 (which I did get to sleep in a bit so hooray to that?) 

//Zombie walk through my routine and slowly get ready to go work at the gym. 

//Realize my zombie like state has no left me running behind. 

//Quickly go make coffee in the Keurig only to realize I have hit the BREW button before I have even grabbed a coffee mug out of the cupboard. 

//Coffee starts pouring out of the machine making a mess everywhere. 

//Frantically run to the cupboard and get my situation under control. 

//Finally make it to my car and while struggling to open my car door (because I can never leave the house without 3 bags, my cellphone in hand, my coffee mug, my keys, etc.) proceed to pour out my coffee from my travel mug all down my arm, all over my jacket, and onto my garage floor. 

Basically, what I am saying is sorry I smell like a crappy Starbucks location all day, coworkers. 


<3 BB