Gains Friday...Or Something Like that


I made it through week one of the gym. Well, almost I have work again this afternoon and tomorrow...but still! Week one in da books more or less. I definitely have a lot to learn and get comfortable with when it comes to getting in front of potential clients, selling personal training, and getting people excited to work with me - but I have been killing the 5 am open a few days a week, so I've got that going for me. It's nice and quiet that early in the morning, plus I am always impressed that people show up that early to get sweaty. They get extra points in my book.

Since it's Friday and my attention span is about at a nonexistent, I wanted to provide you with fun things that make me happy on the interwebs this week.

::First, my girl, Grace Helbig now has a podcast. My life can't have enough Grace Helbig. 

::Next, we have this video of Grace and Mamire hanging out in Portland, it makes me wish I stalked and met them when they were there. 

::You should try out #tablessthursday.

::Here are 19 things that are cheaper than raising a kid. Kids are ugh, expensive. \

::Benedict Cumberbatch did the ice bucket challenge. HEYO! Also, John Krasinski also did it and he is too cute. 



shake it off

Oh helllllllllllllllooooo,

Fancy seeing you here, especially since I hardly come around these parts anymore. Summer, you're rough on the blog. Be more gentle would you? Anyway, here are some things going on in my life the past week and a half.

//The gym is officially open as of yesterday. It was a mad house. Over 2,200 members came on the first day and they are expecting even more today. Here we gooooo. On Saturdays I even get to teach an Adventure Racing Conditioning class. How cool does that sound? So far I love the gym and I love the people I work with. Plus, the facilities are beautiful. Now I just need clients who will want to train with me! 

//Highlight of my weekend was two fold - for the few hours I wasn't working at the gym I got to spend time with not only my college roommates, but also a special blog friend of mine came to visit Jessi and I. I think after this weekend we have convinced her to officially move to Portland. Our plan is working. Soon Jessi and I will take over the blog world. I have been blog crushing hard on Mackensie for a hot while now and I am so happy she finally came to visit. Now if we can just find her a job here in Portland, her and her puppy will be good to go. 

ps. can you spy the creeper in the background of this picture? 

//Today I had a Naked Green Smoothie after my morning workout and I didn't realize it had garlic in it. It is kind of weirding me out. Not a lot of garlic, but definitely enough to notice and it's too much for me before 8am, I think... I don't know why I just felt the need to tell you that, but I am currently trying to finish the drink and it's throwing me off.

//This little league coach almost made me cry, in a good way. 

Lastly, I hate myself for liking this song as much as I do. I am a TSwift hater for the most part, but I can't quit this song. 

Who am I? Where has my good taste in music gone? I must be sleep deprived....


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passion changes everything

So, Monday is the official opening day of VillaSport, the gym I recently started working at. For over a month we have been busy getting the brand new facility ready to open. We have hauled dumbbells and weight plates. We've moved large squat racks and motion cages. We have scrubbed walls and learned a not so user friendly computer system.... And yet I still feel so unprepared. I don't feel like I am ready enough to make a positive impact with my clients. 

Here is the thing with me. I hate being unprepared. I hate not feeling ready. and I especially hate when people can tell I am unprepared. Sometimes I get paralyzed with fear right before I try something new. Paralyzed to the point where I choose not to start something, because I am afraid I will not be as successful as I think I should be. What kind of life is that? And this, this personal training thing is new and scary for me. Being held accountable for someone else's progress and success is a lot of pressure. I feel like I still have so much to learn before I can truly help someone. I still feel like I lack the knowledge and experience that veteran trainers around me have. My problem is I don't have time to feel this way and it's too late to back out now. So how does one gain the confidence needed to be successful at something new and frightening but rewarding?

I've gotten certified. I have had the new hire training at the gym. I know this is what I want to do and I know I will eventually be great at it. I guess the only thing left to do is buckle up and get ready, because the gym is opening whether I am ready or not and I want nothing more than to do well. 

So wish me luck, and maybe throw some confidence my way, I am lacking it a bit.

Gravity Rides Everything by Modest Mouse on Grooveshark


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Very Important Person

Well guys, I made it through the week and I have come to the realization that I can never attend another event without VIP status. You get spoiled with free drinks and catered food. You get better seats and on field access during warm ups. You get to mingle with other very important people, including executives and pro athletes.  Basically what I am saying is, I can never be among the unimportant again. I cannot associate myself with such low brow standards. kiddddding.

Oh and in other news, I went to bed at 8:15 last night, because I am actually a big baby and pretending to be VIP and attend after parties 3 nights in a row is really hard. Grandma status for the win.

Overall the experience was great, the MLS All-Stars beat the Nazis Bayern Munich, and I have Bradley to thank for using his soccer knowledge to win us the experience.

Now I will plan on sleeping this whole weekend.... syyyyyyke, I have more training at the gym this weekend before we officially open on the 18th!!!! Weeeee. Cheers to Friday!

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MLS All-Star Updates

Today is my last day getting to be a very important person in the world of Major League Soccer. The actual All-Star game is this evening and the weather is supposed to be perfect for it.  So far, Brad and I have gotten to hit up two parties and attend a taping of the Men In Blazers podcast. Not to mention stay in a pretttttty nice hotel in downtown Portland which makes getting to and from very important people places quite convenient. I wanted to share a few things I have learned so far in the world of All-Star.

Hang Me Up to Dry by Cold War Kids on Grooveshark

//I am taller than a lot of male soccer players.

//They will still flirt with you even if you are taller than them.

//My feet are not conditioned to wear tall wedges two nights in a row.

//I am also taller than Brad when I wear wedges. Then again he too was a soccer player...

//That was a lot of talls just used. 

//Pro Athletes are much better at staying up late than I am.

//2 am is a horrible time to fall asleep on a week night when you have to be up at 5:30 the next morning.

//Staying up late 3 nights in a row might be the most horrible thing I could do to my body, but here goes nothing! 

//The world of pro soccer in the US is quite small. Everyone knows everyone, including Brad since he used to work for DC United.

//Hotel robes will forever be a favorite.

//The Men In Blazers are super entertaining and funny, even if I don't know the majority of soccer players they are talking about.

//If you make nice with the chef at Grassa that is rolling out the fresh pasta he will give you pasta dough to nibble on just because.
 Definitely took a creeper pic of him when he wasn't looking!

//Cold War Kids put on a better read: less weird free concert than The Flaming Lips.

//I really like this photo below even though it's grainy as furk. 

//If you yell from your car to the nice construction worker at 6 am to grab the coffee you left on the smart park pay station, he will be confused but will bring you your almost 5 dollar coffee you just purchased and  left sitting there after you paid for your parking. 

//Portland will always be my happy place. 

//I will be ready to go to bed at 5pm on Thursday night.

Cheers to soccer! 

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MLS All-Star Week

You guys, MLS All-Star Week might be the death of me. So, as most of you are aware Bradley is a big soccer fan. Well, it just so happens that Portland is hosting the MLS All-Star game this week. Bradley also managed to score us a VIP experience to the game and the festivities leading up to it. We get to stay in one of the nicest hotel's, the Sentinel, in downtown Portland, get tickets to the big MLS Party the night before the game and get on field access and tickets to the game itself on Wednesday.  I have to admit it is pretty cool and he won this all by playing some fantasy goal game on MLS' website last year. 

Now this is all exciting, but it is also all during the work week and you all know my love for my early bedtime. Wish me luck as I have late night parties tonight and tomorrow night and then the game itself on Wednesday night, not to mention being to work at 6 am each morning! 

Ugh, I can feel a nap(s) coming on already. 

Anyway, if you're in the Portland area you can check out everything they have going on around the city leading up to the big game here. Most of it is free and available to the public. Also, side note - The Flaming Lips had a free concert last night on the water front as part of the festivities. They are really weird. That is all. 


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things that are my jam

Confession: I am rocking some post vaca blues this week. Being back at work is hard. I have said it before and I will say it again - why can't I be a stay at home girlfriend?! I don't think that is too much to ask. With that being said I have a lot of great things cooking right now even if it leaves me with no free time. So to keep it simple, stupid I am stealing out of Ami's playbook and sharing things that are my jam this week.

//First, is this birthday present I got from Bradley. Now it is not the only thing I got, but it might be favorite....I am also not sure what this says about me because he also got me a Kate Spade purse....And yet the cast iron just makes me a happy, happy lady.

Since I was gifted it we have made every meal with this bad boy.

//Also my jam - My new team at VillaSport. Even though I feel like I am a tad bit over my head right now, I am so, so excited for this opportunity to put my personal training to use. Better yet, I am working along side  some fabulous people! You hear so many horror stories when it comes to the fitness industry and working as a personal trainer, but so far I have felt none of that. It's a pretty good feeling to have - especially when I am such a newbie compared to all my teammates. It's a little frightening, but mostly exciting....but definitely frightening....

//This video of tips on how to perform the kettlebell swing!

//Lastly, this jam is my jam.

Dangerous Days by Zola Jesus on Grooveshark

Ok, that is all I have for today... I have to finished up everything here at the big girl job and leave early for more new hire training! Pretty much what my schedule looks like from here on out :) 

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